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START stands for Suboxone Treatment, Addiction Recovery and Transformation.

Suboxone was approved for treatment of opiate addiction in 2003.  To join the program, come to the church for Fresh START meetings Monday-Saturday at 7pm.  Meetings last one hour; soda and snack machines are on the premises.  When you have SIX meetings, call Delta Medical Clinic at 504-392-3392.  By law, we are only able to take a certain number of Suboxone patients, so you MUST identify yourself as a Fresh START patient or your appointment will not be valid.

Dr. Michael Chambers, M.D. sees Suboxone patients at Delta Medical Clinic in Belle Chasse.  The doctor's visit is $125 without insurance, though most insurances including Medicaid and Medicare are accepted.  Persons prescribed Suboxone are required to attend peer-based meetings about once a week at the church in order to continue to receive treatment. 

If you want to know more about the Fresh START program, please email us at info@navigatorsnola.com, attend one of our recovery meetings, or call Delta Medical Clinic at 504-392-3392 for more information.

If you are unable to attend meetings regularly, request information about a 30-day injection called Vivitrol.

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